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Who are we?

We are a company with a large experience in world-class technological solutions with focus in the telecommunications industry. Our products and services are operating in different countries around the world.

Within our differential values is the flexibility and how fast we work and adapt.

How we do it? Applying "Smart Data":

  • Knowledge of the processes of our clients
  • Modeling of these processes
  • Analysis of the behavior of these processes

360º Vision of the needs of your business

We have a 360º Vision of the needs of your business, through innovative and consolidated products and services

End-to-End Services Diagnostics

Troubleshooting platform with unified, intuitive and graphical view of services associated with clients.

Performs multi-service diagnostics of each client in less than 10 seconds for Fixed Broadband, Mobile, Satellite, Satellite TV, Fixed Voice, Mobile Voice, ToIP services.

The platform has an analytical diagnostic engine that allows an agile management in the attention to the customers.

Platforms and applications for self-management in the field

Platform that delivers a series of tools for deployment and management in the field, such as modules of Work Force Management, Control and Management of KPIs, Self-Management of Field Technicians, O&M Applications, Sellers Applications, among the main.

Predictive tools for decision making

Predictive tool framework that allows analyzing and measuring in real time critical business variables, as an example, level of customer annoyance, service churn intention and management of profiled commercial campaigns.

Analytics and early detection of failures based on customer experience

Platform for early detection of massive failures of services associated with fixed and mobile access networks for various technologies (FTTx, xDSL, HFC, 3G and LTE).

It analyzes the behavior of the client's service protocols and interprets them by identifying possible incidents based on expected behavior patterns, all without having to intervene the network infrastructure.

Real-time Geo-Business Platforms

Suite of products that provide a transversal vision for business decisions in real time, for example: market share and technological benchmark geolocalized and in real time for Broadband Services.

Products and solutions adaptable to the needs of our clients

We create adaptable multiplatform solutions for the different systems that your company requires.

Our products and services

We invest about 10% of our revenue in R+D+i by creating innovative products and services focused on providing solutions to our clients' problems and initiatives, mixing science, engineering and industry knowledge. An example of this, is the use of drones for the recognition of 3D images of BTS and antennas in mobile sites, as well as real-time platforms for GeoBusiness.

WiFi Design

Tool for the improvement of the WiFi quality of your customers.